Plymouth Hub for Climate Justice

Formed to support the COP26 International Coalition, we continue as part of the international Climate Justice Coalition to build grassroots agitation in Plymouth & surrounding areas, to force Politicians and Corporations to reduce global heating emissions by at least 8% a year from now, towards zero carbon emissions by 2035!

After the important Plymouth March for Climate Justice and People’s Assembly held on 12th November 2022, the Plymouth Hub for Climate Justice will be hosting regular public Zoom meetings to feedback about the event and discuss our next steps. Find us on facebook and WhatsApp for the latest news and actions!

The next public meeting of the Plymouth Hub for Climate is online on Thursday 23rd February 2023 at 7pm on Zoom:

What is Climate Justice? Public Conversation.

including Presentation from the Climate Justice Coalition UK

For resources and downloads to print and circulate, go to our resources page here

What is the Plymouth Hub for Climate, and what are we doing? Watch this 10 minute video!

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The Future is Ours!

Stop Climate Catastrophe! Demand Climate Jobs now! Call for a National Climate Service!

6th November 2021: 1,000+ Protest and held a People’s Assembly for Climate Justice in Plymouth:

After a powerful Plymouth march for Climate Justice on Saturday 6th November (see below) and a frustrating COP26 outcome, the Plymouth Hub for Climate met in December and agreed grassroots proposals to keep moving forward to strengthen the climate movement in Plymouth – and surrounding areas – in view of the magnitude of the climate emergency. Our focus is to reduce emissions of global heating gases – C02 and Methane in particular. We agreed the scope of actions:

We intend to collaborate on practical steps, using the skills of all groups and individuals within this Hub Coalition effectively. Proposals include to create three fronts:
1) March/Demos/Protests
2) Regular Public Conversations/Discussions to educate and organise.
3) Public Panels – with local authorities/representatives sharing their plans, followed by Q&A sessions. And more ideas!

To accomplish any of these proposals we’ll need enough people to make it happen. Whether you’re new to the climate struggle or have years of experience, we welcome your ideas and participation. Please join us by checking this website and our social networks (at the bottom of this page) regularly. You can email us to receive regular mailings about everything happening.

The Plymouth Hub for Climate was originally formed to support the COP26 International Coalition and we continue building a grassroots climate movement in Plymouth & surrounding areas as part of the international network of Climate hubs. We organise in an horizontal format and our struggle is intersectional. 

The Plymouth Hub4Climate is building local alliances for local and global climate justice.

A huge thank you to every individual of the more than 1,000 people who took part in our rally and march for the Climate in Plymouth on Saturday 6th November. We made our voices heard! And thanks to the 160 who attended our People’s Assembly that afternoon, considering the potential futures of the ecology and environment in detail, and planning for the future we need and demand, and the future we will make together. Photos and reports on our “News” page (above). Stay with the Plymouth Hub for Climate, and stay active!

Please look through our menu above for more events, discussions and proposals.

The COP26 Coalition is a UK-based civil society coalition of groups and individuals mobilising around climate justice during the COP26 UN Climate Conference in November 2021. Coalition members include environment and development NGOs, trade unions, grassroots community campaigns, faith groups, youth groups, migrant and racial justice networks – to name a few.

To sum-up the failure of COP26, listen to Greta Thunberg: 2.4°C if all governments met the 2030 targets, the world will still reach an average of 2.7°C with current policies. Also, these voluntary “Nationally Determined Contributions” (NDC’s) are based on flawed and underreported numbers. And this is IF leaders meet their promises, which judging by their track record is not very likely…This is what some seem to celebrate at the end of COP26. ”Glasgow has a credibility gap between talk and action. If all govts met their 2030 targets, we would have 2.4˚C of warming in 2100. But right now, current policies put us at 2.7˚C or more”. Read more here

For more information about extreme weather events and impacts, see the CCC info page here:

For more information about extreme weather events and impacts, see the CCC info page here:

Movement of Movements: We are bringing together movements from across the world to build power for system change. We need all hands on deck: in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals and across national borders.

Grass roots: Decentralised organisation roots our resistance in local communities and issues, whilst building power to fight climate justice globally.

The Local Hubs are local cross-struggle  alliances that expand the climate movement into climate justice-centred networks, in a transformative and inclusive way.

November 6th 2021

Saturday 6 November was the big global day of action called by the COP26 Coalition of civil society organisations. Millions protested across the world

More than a thousand people joined the Plymouth march and rally, synchronised with demonstrations across the the world for Global Climate Justice Now!

The flagship national demonstration in Glasgow saw 150,000 march, and large scale regional demonstrations in other major UK cities ensured a quarter of a million people on our streets, with local and international demonstrations in towns across the UK and the world.

Building the day’s events cost a lot of money, and we still need financial help and support – please donate generously below:

Plymouth Hub4COP26 Fundraiser

Please donate generously

For maximum climate action in Plymouth up to and through COP26

International COP26 Fundraiser

Global Justice Now!

Ensure the engagement of the entire world, and especially the Global South

Plymouth Hub4Climate

Focussed upon the reduction in Global Emissions of C02 and other global heating gases by 8% each year from 2021 to a reduction to zero-emissions by 2035 in order to prevent average temperatures rising above 2C above pre-industrial temperatures.

For People and Planet!

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Text only: 07952 192091

Mail only: 21 Bayswater Road, Plymouth PL1 5BU (no callers please – staffed by volunteers)

We are a coalition of entirely voluntary activists organising without payment and not for profit out of concern at the deepening and accelerating climate catastrophe already impacting hundreds of millions of people lives and destroying Earth’s ecology.

We ask for your help:

Publicise our events, support and attend them and offer your practical help to develop the largest possible climate campaign in Plymouth, and everywhere.

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