Trade Unions & Climate

We want to build the widest possible coalition of forces to campaign for action on climate change. Involving trade unions is an important part of this. Many climate campaigners wouldn’t think of trade unions as natural partners for their campaigns, having seen ‘jobs’ and the ‘environment’ presented as mutually exclusive concerns. But increasingly these different parts of civil society are making common cause, challenging these myths and fighting together for a liveable planet and social justice. In 2019, trade unionists joined the student-led climate strike movement on two global days of action which brought out an estimated seven million around the world. Trade unions also mobilised widely in the UK for COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021.

Climate activists may be unsure about dealing with the official structures of the unions (even for those who may be members of unions themselves!), so here’s a guide to help making those links a little bit easier.

Don’t forget, Plymouth May Day march and Rally on Saturday 29th April! More news to follow!

Stop Climate Catastrophe! Demand Climate Jobs now! Create a National Climate Service Now!

Production has to be transformed if we are to manage the Climate Emergency and prevent catastrophe. And the transformation of industry away from reliance on fossil fuels has to ensure social and economic justice for all, not higher profits for the richest Capitalists at our expense. Read and support our Climate Jobs Book Here!

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Trade Unions in Britain have a combined paying membership of over six million people in organised workplaces.

Every trade unionist receives regular news and views about matters that affect them, including the deepening climate emergency. Together, trade unions represent the largest single voluntary organisation committed to a Just Transition away from fossil-fuel economy and for progressive transformation of society to prevent global climate catastrophe. Global Climate Justice is our hallmark.

We Make Tomorrow! Trade unions and COP 26

For a Just Transition

away from production and industry based upon fossil fuels, towards sustainable green production using and conserving renewable energy.

The Climate Emergency is accelerating, with all workers everywhere facing unpredictable disruption caused by extreme weather events.

Sudden heat, flash floods, fires and droughts will cause transport dislocation, food and medicine shortages, worsening housing conditions and rising prices due to scarcities.

Ordinary workers will face growing dislocation and precarious employment: unpaid lay-offs; dangerous working conditions and little job security.

Trade unions are organising now to demand employers build-in resilience to their businesses and climate-proof their production by the most urgent and systemic change away from fossil fuels and carbon-based production. Workers have the right to demand wholesale change now, to protect employment and our social infrastructure.

All production must focus upon emergency reductions in global heating emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and Nitrous-oxide. These global heating gases are threatening livelihoods and lives, now.

System Change not Climate Change!

Join a Trade Union

The Plymouth Hub for Climate is sponsored and supported by the Plymouth Trades Union Council, part of the British Trades Union Congress.

Many of the most active and prominent trades unions in Britain are affiliated to the Campaign against Climate Change which has a Trade Union group offering research and policy initiatives aimed at addressing the climate crisis and transforming production into to prevent global climate catastrophe.

Trade unions also support the Greener Jobs Alliance, offering online workshops and training for a Just Transition.

Find the trade union that best represents your work and your concerns, and get active for the climate!

Join a trade union!

Trade Unions and COP26: a briefing for all workers

A model motion for all trade union branches wanting to support action for climate